Two Twelve Announces Seven Promotions

Two Twelve Announces Seven Promotions

Photo (Clockwise from top left: Sharmi Patel, Andy Ng, Jenny Uchida, Matthew Becker, Kevin Spencer, Jen Vitello, and Rachel Dixon; Photo by Lyndsay Carroll)

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Two Twelve (New York) recently celebrated the promotion of seven creative team members to new roles within the organization. "As innovators in the field of experiential graphic design, our designers advance Two Twelve’s commitment to improving the user experience and expanding accessible environments," a statement from Two Twelve reads. "These promotions acknowledge the contributions, leadership, and unique strengths of the individuals who work together to form a dynamic and powerful whole." Read on to learn more about these exceptional team members.

Creative Director: Sharmi Patel

Patel has more than 20 years of experience in experiential graphic design—10 of which were with Two Twelve. With a talent for marrying form and function, Patel creates engaging and useful design solutions that enrich lives; her creative problem solving skills make her a thoughtful leader and allow her to support her team of talented designers as they collaborate with clients on diverse projects to create wayfinding and signage solutions that positively shape the user experience.

Associate Creative Director: Andy Ng, Jenny Uchida

In Ng's 13 years with Two Twelve, he has demonstrated an exceptional ability for creating wayfinding systems for complex large-scale projects. Clients benefit from his meticulous approach to the design process and ability to conceive and detail solutions that define a space and make it easy to navigate.

Uchida comes to her new role having proven herself as a creative mind, strategic thinker, and thoughtful leader since joining the firm in 2008. Her background spanning visual arts, architecture, and graphic design enables her to see both the broad picture and detailed inner workings of a place; this versatile perspective allows her to appropriately respond to the vision and needs of all project stakeholders and supports clear team communication.

Senior Designer: Matthew Becker, Kevin Spencer, Jen Vitello

With nine years in the graphic design industry, Becker has extensive experience working with clients to resolve communications problems and support user interactions. He has a unique ability to help users navigate complex data through innovative designs that result from thinking in terms of complete systems, rather than singular situations.

Since joining Two Twelve in 2015, Spencer has honed his skills in designing for modern-day built environments. Spencer's thoughtful collaboration and attention to detail help him deliver engaging and intuitive wayfinding and signage systems for intricate project environments, particularly those in the healthcare industry and urban landscape.

Vitello’s international background in experiential graphic design has informed her work over the past six years with Two Twelve, inspiring designs that respond to the needs of high profile projects with diverse users. Her focus on the end user results in thoughtful human-centered designs that create cohesive environments. She understands what a humbling experience it can be to get lost, and she brings to her team a passion for design that helps others explore and find their way.

Designer: Rachel Dixon

In her four years with Two Twelve, Dixon has contributed to the mission of delivering accessible and inclusive public information designs by investing in wayfinding solutions that build social equity. She is adept at engaging stakeholders and communities throughout the course of a project in order to build consensus, and her passion for combining design with social justice makes her an incredible asset to Two Twelve’s team.


Congratulations to all!

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