Tropicalization of Design - Global Corporations and Localizing Design Strategies, Fabiano Vincenzi Daniela Terán


Too often, corporations resort to "typical" postcard images when depicting a local culture in their designs. Fabiano Vincenzi and Daniela Teràn of BOSQUE speak about searching beyond stereotypes and incorporating respectful and culturally accurate representation into local design strategies.

Fabiano Vincenzi is a brand designer with over 10 years of experience creating engaging and powerful brands with distinctive visual languages. He found his true passion working with environmental graphic design and understanding that the built environment allows for far more meaningful and deep connections between users and brands.

He is the founder of Bosque, a Costa Rica-based brand design studio, that focuses on the belief that great brands commence from within, and live in the hearts and minds of the people that come in touch with them. By integrating a strategic approach with thoughtful, distinctive and opinionated visual languages, Bosque creates memorable and recognizable identities that live far beyond bi-dimensional brand experiences.

Daniela Terán is a graphic designer with more than 10 years of experience. Since the beginning of her career, she has created and developed projects brand systems, packaging and advertising projects for different international brands.

Over the years Daniela developed a passion for environmental graphic design, creating spaces that leave a mark on user’s hearts and minds; where the soul and essence of the brand can be felt in every detail.

As one of Bosque´s founders, a brand design studio located in Costa Rica, she believes in developing new experiences that connect users to places in a special way, can through the power of design.

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