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Lenses on the Sky
Lenses on the Sky

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Stephen Minning, Chair of the 2016 SEGD Global Design Awards
Articles referencing Traci Sym: Stephen Minning Leads 2016 Design Awards Jury

Traci Sym is a Member of the 2019 SEGD Board of Directors.

Traci Sym is an explorer of audience emotions and a sought after leader in the emerging field of Experience Design. Now a Principal at plus & greater than, she seeks to create emotive connections between spaces and the people that occupy and interact within them. Traci Sym began her academic and professional career in the performing arts, where her theater experience shaped the foundation of her design practice.

With a background in performance and a deep curiosity for human experience, Traci Sym likes to be uncomfortable and so should you. She has spent a couple of decades designing exhibitions, installations, interactive media and architecture for some of the world’s leading cultural institutions and brands. She wants you to know that it doesn’t matter what’s next, it matters that we are animals.

Traci Sym has directed the development of significant permanent exhibitions at major institutions in North America, has directed large-scale interactive design projects, and spent over five years designing and producing multimedia installations, exhibits, and productions for the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington DC.

In addition to being an award-winning designer at plus & greater than, Traci Sym has lectured across North America and in Europe, and has published on the web and in print.

+&> is a native post-disciplinary practice, built from the ground up on the idea that great collaborations, between people with many talents, make great places and experiences. Their mission is to reunite culture and place through art, design, and discourse.

The +&>studio brings together liberal artists, designers, engineers, and craftspeople to create environments, strategies, media platforms, immersive narrative experiences, and cultural touchpoints. +&> works at the scale of the city and the object, and everywhere in between. What binds their work together is a relentless optimism, a perennial sense of curiosity, and the shared joy of making great things, for humans.

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See her work at plus & greater than.

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Sesson 2d CONTENT Moderated Panel Communicate and Connect with Relevance and Emotion

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