Top Skills to Develop to Enhance Your Value in Your Firm

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The SEGD Business & Leadership event has taken multiple names throughout the years—SEGD Management for Designers, Business of Design—but they are all focused on achieving the core competencies and developing the management skills designers need in order to grow into leadership roles. The discussions are organized to provide a solid foundation in management, and the skills taught are designed to assist designers in becoming more vital to their firms. 

The top skills that firm owners and studio leaders want their designers to possess are business and project management skills. Additionally, when asked what skills will help their firm become more profitable, 75% of respondents said business and project management, followed by marketing and business development.

TOP THREE skills firms said they needed their team to develop were...

  • Business + Project Management
  • Visualization + Documentation
  • Concept Design + Development


TOP THREE skills firms say they need their junior staff (<3 years) to develop were...

  • Concept Design + Development
  • Visualization + Documentation
  • Business + Project Management


TOP THREE skills firms say they need their mid-range staff (3-7 years) to develop were...

  • Business + Project Management
  • Visualization + Documentation
  • Communication


TOP THREE skills firms say they need their senior staff (7+ years) to develop were...

  • Business + Project Management
  • Marketing + Business Development
  • Communication


Members can read the full Professional Development and Skills Report here.

The 2019 Business & Leadership event will set you up for success in these skillsets!

Speaker sessions will address core competencies such as...

  • Session 1: Business Development 101 - Finding the right clients for your firm
  • Session 2: Finance 101 - Pricing and Fees
  • Session 3: Project Management 101 - Managing Clients, Budgets and Teams
  • Session 4: IP 101 - Copyright Laws for Design Contacts


Any designer looking to climb the corporate ladder or step into greater leadership positions should attend this event. We are especially calling on all mid-range to senior designers to make an appearance. Making yourself more valuable to your firm by learning the skills they look for most is a quick and easy way to move up the proverbial corporate ladder. 

You've got the talent and the potential to achieve greatness. Now, attend the 2019 Business & Leadership event in Chicago on April 26 to gain the skills and core competencies your firm is relying on you to have. You'll leap into those leadership roles and responsibilities in no time!

Be proactive. Be the first in your firm to register!

View the full event agenda here.

Read the full press release here.

The presenting sponsor of the 2019 SEGD Business & Leadership event is Tru Vue.

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