Top 20 Signs

Arguably the "Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas" Sign designed by Betty Willis in 1959 is the most recognizable sign in the world. Or is it? It may be the most famous, but is it in the top 20 best signs ever designed? We need the communities input to determine the Top 20 Signs. The comment section is open below, just log in using your SEGD log in details to post and let's hear what you think. Feel free to post your whole top 20 or single suggestions and remember to look back here in a few weeks when we will publish the results.

By the way, amongst the many things that are so great about the Las Vegas sign is that this was not commissioned by the city, but rather by a sign company, Western Neon's local salesman Ted Rogich who then sold it to Clark County, Nevada!

Don't you love the spirit of entrepreneurship. It is pretty apparent in the flamboyant appearance of the sign. Imagine if Clark County's committee for street signage had briefed Betty Willis and vetted the results! Take a look at this fun TED Talk by Roman Mars on city flags to get a sense of how it might have turned out!

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