TJ VandenHeuvel

TJ VandenHeuvel
Grand Rapids, MI

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I have had the pleasure of being with SignComp for 13 years starting as a Regional Sales Manager, then as a National Sales Manager up to my current role as Vice President / Market Development. Overall I have been in the sign industry which I love for 30+ years. Starting as a young desktop publisher / sign designer who could actually hand paint letters, I was completely fascinated with where technology was taking hold in this industry so I joined a large sign company and worked my way up from the design department, fabrication & installation to management.

I strive to provide exceptional service & product knowledge to the A&D community for those who may be new to understanding our many different solutions, up to those mature users trying to achieve something very creative. It is very rewarding when a designer at any level puts our products into specification because they will not buy it or build it........but they believe in it.

As far as favorite projects there are many but 2 stand large scale and the other just thinking outside the box.

I was fortunate enough to be called in by the S.F. design team Kraido looking for solutions for their client Wells Fargo as they are designing their sign program. I remember the initial conversation about would be crazy to consider placing about 4,000+ flexible face signs for their monument signs by where pedestrians could touch them or harm them. Well for all the right reasons they believed that no one would realize they are fabric and I recall when we met back in S.F. around 5 years since the re-branding launch the question was asked....."how many ground mount signs got damaged by pedestrians".........and nobody knew of one. This was simply over coming the fear factor as our tension system makes fabric faces look as flat & rigid as aluminum so the general public thinks they are aluminum.

But one of may all-time favorite projects was seeing an architect in the NYC area who used our architectural Series 7 Radius Post on the fascia of an entrance canopy and also the Series 3 Radius Posts as window screen elements for a very modern building facade. Proving that a great product designed system can cross boundary lines and be the perfect solution in another market.

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