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Tim Fendley founded Applied Wayfinding to push the boundaries of information design. Applied Wayfinding is a thinking consultancy, where they add value to projects through well-researched intelligent analysis and through a creative approach to information design.Driven by the need to make cities more understandable, Tim Fendley has led projects in London, Glasgow, Brighton, Dublin, Vancouver and New York. His work draws on his cultural and commercial experience in environmental, editorial, identity and interactive design for clients including Bosch, Ferrari, Graphics International, Gilbert & George, Glasgow 1999, Orange and Lexus.

Applied have a reputation for a considered, intelligent and effective output. Through their work on the Legible Cities projects, they have created benchmarks in global wayfinding design. Applied Wayfinding's work has enabled them to explore many places – Legible London, the most comprehensive urban wayfinding project of its kind, I Walk New York, a major pedestrian strategy, and extensive work in the City of Vancouver to help make it one of North America’s greenest cities.

Tim Fendley has had a long-term fixation with making sense of the world’s great cities. He was Creative Director for Legible London, a capital-wide pedestrian wayfinding scheme for TfL that is currently in its second phase of roll-out. It is already the most extensive of its kind in the world and a benchmark for urban wayfinding. He is passionate about innovation and advancement, constantly looking at new ways to communicate and improve things. He is the mastermind behind Typo, an annual design conference held in London and guest lecturer at the Royal College of Art.

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