Three G&A Staff Speak at MAAM

Three G&A Staff Speak at MAAM

Gallagher & Associates recently went to Philadelphia for the Mid Atlantic Association of Museums Building Museums Symposium, where three staff spoke in three sessions.

Gretchen Coss, director of global marketing at G&A and Thora Colot, development director, spoke on a panel focused on the museum building process from inception to completion. "This was a fantastic opportunity to talk with groups thinking about starting major cultural projects," said Thora Colot. "It takes a village," added Gretchen Coss, "so we were excited to share the stage with a multidisciplinary panel of architects, engineers and construction experts."

Cybelle Jones, principal and executive director at G&A, presented in workshops about G&A projects at the American Revolution Museum at Yorktown and the new Johnson & Johnson Museum. "The process behind the creation of the Johnson & Johnson Museum used the same core principle behind all G&A projects—we always keep the visitor experience at the heart of our efforts. However, as a corporate museum, we considered the relationship between the content and narrative differently, weaving the powerful brand of the organization into the story," said Jones.

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