Thinking Beyond 2 Dimensions with Direct Embed

Direct Embed

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Direct Embed is an industry leader for high resolution graphics, but to really take advantage of the power of 3D powder coating is the perfect choice. Consider some options that will make your building project pop.

Powder Coating can be used for meshes and screens with graphics that penetrate the dimensional crevices of the metal structures. A great opportunity for creative enclosures.

Direct Embed

A graphic screen built for Biogen designed by Sasaki and fabricated by Bluebird GS.

Beyond screens powder coated graphics can be part of lattice structures that can be employed for trellises, ceilings, sun screens and fences.
Direct Embed
For the JM Families Corporation designed by PGAL and built by Kaufman Lynnn lattice structures formed column enclosures.

Channel Letters
Add an extra dimension to your channel letter projects whether on a wall or a building.
Direct Embed
For Logan Memorial High School designed by Visual Asylum and fabricated by MS Signs the letters make a big impact.

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