There is Nothing to See - Ann McDonald

There is Nothing to See - Ann McDonald


There is Nothing to See: 
A Hyperlocal Study of Emphemeral Signs 
Reveals Hidden Tensions and Celebrates Resilience
Ann McDonald, Associate Professor of Design, Northeastern University

Abstract from 2021 SEGD Communication + Place
There is nothing to see in this one-block area of Arlington MA, a town just outside Boston.  A bike path detouring, a glass storefront cafe with tables and chairs situated in its parking  lot, sidewalk construction, a bank, a dry cleaner, cars pouring through a multi-lane inter section with large signal light poles. A relatively prosperous, nondescript, suburban town  center on the east coast of the US.

During the recent COVID-19 pandemic and social upheaval, a close examination of the visual signs posted over time in this one block area–including stickers, graffiti, and chalk ing–result in a revealing time capsule of our society’s upheaval in 2020/21. How can closely examining posted ephemeral visual communications give us insight into our lived experiences and the fabric of a community?

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