There is Nothing Quite like Hands on Training!

Particiapnts Learning about Projection Mapping techniques at SenovvA

SenovvA are hosting the SEGD 2016 Xplorer Digital Bootcamp today. Groups are exploring how to work with virtual reality, code, creating digital content and projection mapping. Participants get to experience these digital technologies and work in small teams learning how to manipulate them and work with them. Nothing helps you get ahead of your competition quite as effectively within the Experiential Graphic Design Community!

These sessions can only be experienced at Xplorer, and to experience it you had to be there!

(right) The team from Refik Anadol Studio (led by media artist Refik Anadol) demonstrates their project, Infinity Room, built to be experienced on the HTC Vive virtual reality system. Attendees took turns navigating the digital environment with headsets as well as exploring the digital "brush" tool afforded by the Google Tile Brush engine.

Hands on Training at the 2016 SEGD Xplorer Digital Bootcamp at SenovvA's facilities in Los Angeles

(left) Nikki San Miguel, with Kate Keating Associates experiences Virtual Reality project, Infinity Room, led by the team from Refik Anadol Studio using the HTC Vive Headset. (right) Paul Anderson, leads an afternoon session on Managing and Creating Content, giving practical and honest advise on how to tackle the content creation process to a group of designers at SenovvA's training classroom in Los Angeles.

Participants learning how to do Projection Mapping at the SEGD 2016 Xplorer Bootcamp

(above and below), Jeff Grantz, Materials & Methods, led an afternoon hands on session on Projection Mapping using Madmapper software. Within minutes Xplorer attendees were in the program manipulating loops of video in preparation for mapping surfaces in the studio. Projectors were provided so each attendee could live map their content onto a surface. Walls, objects, and even a mannequin named "Jason"  in the SenovvA studio became the surfaces for the projection mapping session.

Creating digital content at the 2016 Xplorer digital bootcamp
The Projection Mapping and Virtual Reality sessions proved to be the most popular at the one day Xplorer in Los Angeles, giving attendees first hand experience and exposure to the latest digital experiential technologies that are commercially available now! These are technologies that have reached a point where you can actually use them in the studio for prototyping and user testing.


All the videos from this Bootcamp will be available free to all members logged into the website. Remember to check back or go directly to SEGD Talks to view the videos at the end of July.

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