Testing in Exhibits and Environments

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What you will Learn:
Exhibitions and environments are developed using testing. This course covers a variety of research, testing and definition techniques used in trade show design, museum exhibit design, and experience design. The course will end with a discussion on how these research techniques can be applied to a variety of EGD and museum exhibit projects.


  • Research in Experience Design and Branded Environments
  • The value positioning matrix - discussing brand experience positioning
  • Personas - understanding the needs of various visitor groups
  • Aligning customer journeys to the customer
  • Observational Research
  • Design Research
  • Setting the correct testing goals
  • Attracting attendees to exhibits
  • How exhibit shape influences the outcome from a booth visit.
  • Barriers to entering an exhibit space
  • Audience/visitor research methodologies

Questions Answered:

  • What kind of outcomes can you expect from the testing phase?
  • How much is spent on trade show exhibits?
  • What kind of outcomes can you expect from user testing/evaluation?

Course Materials:
One Audio file and one PDF Presentation

Approximately 62:00 minutes

Candy Adams, The Booth Mom
Greg Rose + Rina Plapler, FutureBrand New York
Jeff Hayward, People Places Design Research


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