Terence Caulkins

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New York, NY

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Dr. Terence Caulkins is an acoustics researcher, designer and interactive sound artist based in  NYC. Educated with a background in physics and music, Terence is uniquely positioned at the  intersection of acoustics, art, science, and architectural design. Currently a Senior Acoustic and Audiovisual Consultant at Arup, Terence works with world  class architects to design concert halls, theaters, museums, and airports internationally. Within  Arup, Terence provides key foresight in the ongoing development of the Arup SoundLab. He is  actively involved in the design of software tools to support the multidisciplinary design process  for built environments. Prior to his career as an acoustician in New York, Terence worked for 5 years at IRCAM in  Paris, France as a researcher and sound designer, developing audio technologies and  collaborating on orchestral works and sound art installations for museums. He completed his  doctorate at IRCAM in 2007 focusing on the application of 3D audio to live concert situations. Over the last ten years of his career Terence has produced immersive sound installations shown  at the Pompidou Center, PS1 MoMa, and the Sydney Opera House, and collaborated on sound  pieces with composers, architects and sound artists including Lou Reed, Nick Cave, and Scott  Walker. As a musician, he has performed in Europe, Africa, the US and Asia, most recently with  Lavalier, a NYC based project that created studio recordings, experimental chamber pop  performances, and sound installations. Terence is a visiting lecturer at the University of Pennsylvania School of Design, Columbia  University Graduate School of Architecture, and adjunct professor in the Department of  Architectural Technology at NYC City College of Technology. He teaches workshops on  immersive audio techniques for composers and designers internationally. 

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