Ted Leonhardt

Ted Leonhardt
Seattle, WA

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Ted Leonhardt is the founder and publisher of NAIL, a magazine dedicated to helping creatives thrive in the modern world. Starting in Seattle, Ted founded and built the brand design firm The Leonhardt Group which he sold in 1999. In 2000 he was recruited to the position of Chief Creative Officer/Global at Fitch Worldwide in London where he helped assemble 27 design offices including The Leonhardt Group under the Fitch banner. In 2004 he took the position of President at Anthem Worldwide a packaging design firm where he helped the company acquire and establish new design offices in the US, UK, EU and Asia. In 2005 he began his consulting practice focused first on helping designers and design firms becoming more effective negotiators. Over time he found that his clients were coming from a wide variety of creative fields not just design and he broadened his focus to include all creatives through his online training films, comics and teaching. His interest, which started in design, has grown into a passion for helping all creatives get full value in the global market place.

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Subcontracting Freelancers without Losing Work

This happens to freelancers and independent workers more than you might think. There are a few reasons why, and a few things you can do.

2016 Experience Seattle - Negotiating Your Worth - Ted Leonhardt

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