A Team Effort—Football Design Stories for Game Day

No matter what team you root for, this epic lineup will get ready for the big game with eight significant experiential graphic design contributions to the world of football, from nordic-themed wayfinding at U.S. Bank Vikings Stadium, to augmented reality experiences at the San Francisco 49ers Museum. Ready...Set...Hike!  

Arizona Cardinals— This SEGD Global Design Awards 2007 Honor Award winning stadium was the site of the 2008 Super Bowl and brought to you by the design dream team of Pentagram (New York) and Entro (Toronto). The Cardinals' colors and team iconography are applied inventively all the way from the primary stadium identity to the locker room. Freestanding, playfully superscaled entrance numbers and letters help orient fans from the moment they get out of their cars. Inside, supergraphics and colorful wayfinding elements make it easy to navigate the huge stadium. 

San Francisco 49ers—The San Francisco 49ers Museumimmerses visitors in the rich history, moments, stories, sights and sounds of the team that has won five Super Bowls. Featuring a unique layout, Cambridge Seven Associates (Boston) designed 14 interactive exhibits, life-size sculptures of Hall of Fame legends, augmented reality, beloved artifacts and 10 unique media experiences, this museum lets visitors take a dynamic interactive journey through the mystique and legacy of this NFL dynasty.

Philadelphia EaglesMonumental scrimswere the design solution which earned this project a SEGD Global Design Awards 2004 Merit Award. The graphics cladding the ramps of the Philadelphia Eagles' stadium soften the industrial appearance. The stadium's close proximity to an interstate and the flight path of Philadelphia International Airport provides excellent visibility for these graphics. The graphics brand the stadium without using words and logos; instead the color and style of the imagery convey the message. 

Minnesota Vikings —Take a journey to the U.S. Bank Stadium, a giant glacier rising from the Twin Cities with intersecting planes and high-peaked asymmetrical roof. The architectural inspiration informed the visual language of the wayfinding,designed by Selbert Perkins Design (Chicago).  Infinite Scale (Salt Lake City) consulted on the stadium's brand integration,working closely with the Vikings in-house marketing and design staff to create and install permanent and seasonal Vikings branding throughout the stadium. 

Atlanta Falcons and Miami Dolphins—A matchup brought together by Bill Johnson of HOK (Kansas City), these stadiums are redesigning the fan experience. Mercedes-Benz Stadium, the new home of the Atlanta Falcons and Major League Soccer’s Atlanta United, set to open in Fall 2017. At Dolphins’ Stadium, a $350-million modernization for the NFL’s Miami Dolphins involved an extensive branding exercise that focuses on telling the story of the team’s brand and history. 

Texas A&M Aggies—Deep in the heart of Texas, where football and tradition are sacred, Texas A&M University continues to build its dynasty—and its brand. With a new $17 million, state-of-the-art training facilitydesigned by Populous, the Aggies keep showing how it’s done—building both a powerhouse football team and a sophisticated branded experience. Brian Mirakian of Populous, was the lead on the unique project, and insists that this game plan is transferrable to many other branded experiences.

University of Nebraska Huskers—An SEGD Global Design Awards 2015 Honor Award winning project, the Haymarket Pedestrian Bridgeleverages the team’s popularity to create an iconic impression of the city. Mayor Chris Beutler embarked on an ambitious project to develop a pedestrian bridge in the city’s emerging Haymarket District to connect the new Pinnacle Bank Arena, resulting in a 611-foot-span bridge featuring steel letters spelling out the city’s name, visible from above and from both sides. 


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