XLab 2013

Xlab 2013: The Future of Experience Design

(September 30, 2013) NEW YORK — Designers will play a powerful role in reinventing our cities, using new technologies, new platforms, and new notions of community to create immersive and engaging environments. What do these designers need to know about the future of experience design? What does the Internet of Things mean to them, and how will technology impact the way they design urban places? How are designers, architects, and integrators using technology to channel human behavior and make it part of the experience?

Xlab 2013: Experience Design and the Internet of Things

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(August 9, 2013) NEW YORK - As we move inexorably toward the Internet of Things--where every object from commercial airliners to toaster ovens is connected to the Internet--how will experience design respond? How can we migrate toward seamless and responsive physical environments and create an Internet of Places?

SEGD'S Xlab 2013-October 24 in New York-will present a wide spectrum of perspectives on Experience + Interaction in Public Space. We'll hear from:

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