W.L. Gore Capabilities Center

Brian O'Neill

Brian O'Neill works in the Capabilities Team as a Content Strategist at Gore in Newark, Delaware.

Brian O'Neill has been with Gore since 1999 and has taken on many different commitments during that time period. His current role is on Gore's Capabilities Team which is located in Newark, DE. Within a small team of Associates, Brian O'Neill provides support for the Capabilities Center in Delaware, as well as design and build for similar experiences in other regions.

Brian O'Neill works in the Capabilities Team as a Content Strategist at Gore in Newark, Delaware
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Glass Artistry

Glass Artistry

Both palette and canvas, glass is infinitely mutable and eloquently transmissive. The seduction is powerful.

It is impossible to separate glass from light. It simply does not exist without light behind, below, before, above, or through it. It is that intrinsic relationship that draws designers and artists to choose glass as their medium. And as technology continually refines manufacturing techniques and lighting options, the possibilities inherent in glass are virtually limitless.

W.L. Gore Capabilities Center

Merit Award
W.L. Gore Capabilities Center, Carbone Smolan Agency

The Gore story is enormously complex and rich with information. The developer and manufacturer of high-performance fluorocarbon polymers (including GORE-TEX®) assembled a multidisciplinary team of designers, architects, and fabricators to help translate the science behind its innovative products into a visible and understandable brand expression.

Carbone Smolan led the design and development of Gore’s new 6,000-sq.-ft.

Carbone Smolan Agency
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