Andrew Wesner

Andrew Wesner is the Principal at Kayser-Wesner in Seattle.

Good design isn’t about how a place looks, but how it makes you feel. For over 20 years Andrew Wesner has helped develop, design and build products and strategies for the modern workplace. Andrew is an expert in interior design, space planning, sustainable design, and design research.

Andrew Wesner is the Principal at Kayser-Wesner in Seattle.

Shayla Hufana

Shayla Hufana is a Senior Graphic Designer and Brand Ambassador at The Boeing Company in Seattle, Washington.

Combining an inquisitive approach with a strong focus on research and attention to detail, Shayla Hufana has helped to create meaningful and successful solutions with a playful perspective to design. With her versatility and experience, she holds a wealth of technical knowledge that allows her to manage projects with a sense of calm and control.

Shayla Hufana

Jim Cortina

Jim Cortina is a Principal and Director of Development at Cortina Productions in Mclean, Virginia

Jim Cortina directs business development and strategic partnerships for Cortina Productions. He directs the Cortina Productions development team to deliver creative treatments, budgeting and scheduling proposals. Jim keeps a keen eye on the unique requirements of all our potential clients and hand selects our principal lead and project team members best suited for delivering on our client’s mission.

Jim Cortina is a Principal and Director of Development at Cortina Productions in Mclean, Virginia
Cortina Productions
Washington, DC

Julie Saunders

Julie Saunders is the Founder of Neonfive Design in Washington, DC

NEONFIVE designs and implements services such as signage and wayfinding systems, brand environments, graphic installations, print media and digital graphics. Their clients include &pizza and Modus Hotels.

Julie Saunders, Founder, Neonfive Design, Washington, DC
Neonfive LLC
Washington, DC

Candace Toth

Candace Toth, Capital Signage Specialist, Sound Transit.

Candace Toth joined Sound Transit in 2012. Before that she spent 6 years as a Project Manager for an east coast public artist where her responsibilities included evolving artwork from concept through design, engineering, fabrication, on-site construction and installation. Candace Toth now utilizes her experience to manage the design, fabrication and installation of Sound Transit’s Capital Signage program.

Candace Toth, Capital Signage Specialist, Sound Transit, Seattle Washington
Sound Transit
Seattle, Washington

Bruce Dickinson

Bruce Dickinson is a Vice President at Rainier in Seattle Washington.

Rainier creates winning results for their clients through hard work, innovative thinking and a strong team. As specialized builders with all in house capabilities Rainier partners with design & marketing firms on projects worldwide. Rainier has a broad experiencein all aspects of display build, print and interactive AV fabrication. The company has a focus on interior and exterior branded sports, exhibits, mobile experiential and retail environments. They create visually stunning environments.

Bruce Dickinson, Rainier
Seattle, Washington

Michael Glatting

Michael Glatting is a Senior Project Designer at D|G Studios, a multi-disciplined design firm that bring a combination of talent, imagination and practicality to every job. We create programs that engage and educate audiences while extending our clients’ brands and optimizing the visitor’s experience.

Michael Glatting, D|G Studios
D/G Studios
Washington D.C.


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