SPD Creates New Brand Experience for Waterside District

Selbert Perkins Design at the Waterside District Norfolk, Virginia.

Selbert Perkins Design recently collaborated with The Cordish Companies to create the new Brand Identity and Branded Environment for The Waterside District in Norfolk, Virginia.

The $40 million mixed-use development re-imagines the former Waterside Festival Marketplace, with an iconic new vision as the community’s entertainment hub. The Market, a 30,000 s.f. dining and entertainment plaza, includes a unique collection of local restaurants including Starr Hill, Luk Fu, and Guy Fieri’s steakhouse.

Libbie Mill Library

Finalist 2017
Libbie Mill Library

For more than 400 years, Henrico County, Virginia, has been defined by the independent spirit of its people. From Pocahontas to explorer Richard Byrd, Henricoans have always taken risks and embraced new ideas, impacting the world far beyond county lines. When Henrico began work on its new public library, it wanted to find a dynamic, interactive way to celebrate the past inside its walls. Second Story made their dream a reality, creating a community destination that envelops and transports citizens through layers of hidden history all around.

Get Back to What Matters

Merit Award 2015
Get Back to What Matters

Get Back to What Matters was an outcome of Cassie Hester’s thesis research for her MFA in Graphic Design at Virginia Commonwealth University.

The semantic elements of Get Back to What Matters evoke a simpler time, when drawing and being creative was a source of delight. Placed in the high-stress environment of the university’s design department in the midst of the last few weeks of the semester, the fleeting crayon installation was a reminder to students to get back to what matters: making with your hands, interacting with others, and exercising your imagination.

Cassie Hester

Gladys Brenner

Gladys Brenner, President and lead designer of AB Design, has more than 20 years experience in experiential graphic design and project management in the USA and abroad. She is in charge and is closely involved in all project sfrom conception through the satisfactory completion.

Headshot of Gladys Brenner, President, AB Design
AB Design, Inc.

Please Touch

Honor Award
Please Touch, Virginia Commonwealth University, Elizabeth Hiller

For her graduate thesis, the student explored the use of texture as a medium to deliver a visual message. By emphasizing that vision exists as a result of the imagination rather than as a result of functioning eyes, the intent of this project was to challenge the discipline of visual communications to include the blind community. The author demonstrates to visual communicators that the use of texture and the sense of touch improve the process of seeing, both for the blind and the sighted.

Elizabeth Hiller


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