Frazier Associates

Frazier Associates has been at the forefront of implementation of improved signage and wayfinding programs for communities throughout the mid-Atlantic region as well as nationally. We began our wayfinding services as a natural extension of our community revitalization projects. On wayfinding projects, we combine our expertise in urban design, community planning, architecture, streetscape, and graphic design. From small towns and urban downtowns to city wide systems, we have assisted communities across the over thirty communities across the southeast and California with wayfinding plans.

Will Bullins

Based in New York City, Will Bullins studied graphic communications in college and started his career with Whitlock on experiential projects. Being immediately put into experiential projects helped him understood that experience wasn't just about what happened when someone pressed a button, but more so how the customer and their visitors feel when they see, hear, and use a space. He holds a unique set of skills in that he can design the technology systems while making sure the customers experience and journey are held to the highest standard.

Will Bullins, Whitlock
New York

Chris Barel

Chris Barel is a Business Development Director at Whitlock, a video collaboration company based in Richmond, Virginia.

Chris Barel is an Experience and Innovation industry expert who is passionate about creating exceptional experiences and building strong industry partnerships.

Chris Barel, Business Development Director at Whitlock


Whitlock is a technology integrator, with expertise in AV, collaboration and modern workplace solutions. We advise on the best technologies to create the most impactful environments to drive positive change. We are strategists, technicians, engineers, workplace experts and support teams, all motivated to help you get more face-time with the people that matter to you the most. Our teams specialize in experience environments for innovation centers and corporate campuses. Whitlock exists to help you build your next big ideas together, and then share it with the world with 24/7 support.

Ashleigh Otto

Ashleigh Otto is a young self-motivated, team-oriented, critical, and hungry designer beginning her journey in EGD. She was loosely brought up in the Bauhaus tradition-- studying Industrial Design at Virginia Tech’s school of Architecture and Design.

Ashleigh Otto
Louisa, VA

Christopher Hibben

Christopher Hibben has over 20 years of experience as a graphic designer, design manager and creative team member. He loves to bring innovative solutions to challenging design problems. Hibben’s focus has been on marketing materials, identity, branding and logo design, packaging, and exhibition design.

Christopher Hibben specializes in creative solutions for packaging design, exhibition design and marketing support for non-profits, corporations and individuals.

Christopher Hibben
Virginia Museum of Fine Arts
Richmond, Virginia Area

Lindsay Marzulla

Lindsay Marzulla’s art and design work centers on exploring relationships between humans and other animals, as well as issues relating to environmental conversation and animal welfare.

In addition to her creative practices, Lindsay Marzulla is actively pursuing a Master’s degree in Anthrozoology at Canisius College. Marzulla is interested in educational program development and community outreach for nonprofit organization.

Lindsay Marzulla
Richmond, Virginia

Ben Kilmer

Ben Kilmer is the VP of Business Development at PhotoWorks Group in Charlottesville, VA. 

The competitive market in today’s world demands a strong brand identity with bold visual communications.

Ben Kilmer is the VP of Business Development at PhotoWorks Group in Charlottesville, VA.
Charlottesville, VA

Sharon Szalai

Sharon Szalai is a Principal at PF&A Design in Norfolk, VA.

Sharon Szalai is a Healthcare Architect / Managing Principal of Design. Sharon has expertise in new construction for medical office buildings and hospital renovations and expansions covering various departments such as Emergency Departments, Radiology, Cath Labs, Surgery, Pharmacy's, and Physical Therapy. Her radiology experience includes MRI's, CT's, EOS, and Gamma Knife.

Sharon Szalai is a Principal at PF&A Design in Norfolk, VA.
PF&A Design
Norfolk, VA

Chris Whitmore

Chris Whitmore is the Creative Director at Acorn Sign Graphics in Richmond, Virginia.

Chris is an experienced designer with a demonstrated history of working in the creative industry. Skilled in Art Direction, Environmental Graphic Design (EGD), 3D modeling, Construction Documentation, Illustration, Logo Design, Branding / Identity, Typography, Film / Photography, Design + Build, and non-linear thinking.

Chris Whitmore is the Creative Director at Acorn Sign Graphics in Richmond, Virginia
Acorn Sign Graphics
Richmond, Virginia


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