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Frost* Design

Frost* Design (Sydney) designed the garden-inspired identity for Matt Moran’s much-anticipated Chiswick restaurant in Sydney’s Woollahra. Every element of the design has a botanical influence, from the logo, featuring tendril-like typography, to the restaurant’s soft muted palette and sustainable materials.

Frost* Design

photograph of EGD at Rio Tinto in Brisbane

Frost* Design (Sydney) recently completed an environmental graphics program for the Brisbane regional office of the Rio Tinto mining company. In support of an “Earth and Sky” interior concept by Geyer, the interior designers on the project, Frost created elements such as stencil-cut fonts, raw materials, and super-scaled photography. Contoured paneling creates a sense of topography in the lift core, while lithological patterns (geological map codes for rocks) bring otherwise functional surfaces to life.

Frost* Design

photograph of Frost exhibition sigage in Everglades

Frost* Design (Sydney) recently completed a new signage scheme for Everglades in Australia’s Blue Mountains. The scheme incorporates a palette of subtle greens to complement the Modernist garden and historic house, providing context to the site’s history and key features. It is part of an upgrade to the National Trust-owned site that also includes a new visitor center by architects Lacoste+Stevenson.

Frost* Design

Frost* Design (Sydney) provided identification and wayfinding for the Ritz-Carlton Hong Kong, which occupies the top 16 floors of the world’s tallest hotel, the landmark 118-story International Commerce Center in Kowloon. Led by Design Director Ray Parslow, Frost* created a jewel-like motif that mirrors the effortless sophistication of the finest luxury brands. Key signage elements were drawn from a ribbon of bronzed metal folded to create form.


Merit Award
Frost*bite, Sydney Opera House

The goal of this exhibit for Australia's leading contemporary craft organization was to demystify the graphic design process by exploring the work of designer Vince Frost. The work comprised editorial and magazine design to corporate identity, environmental graphics, and interactive design.

Frost* Design

Abundant Australia

Merit Award
Abundant Australia, Australian Institute of Architects, Frost* Design

Frost* Design was one of five creative directors commissioned by the Australian Institute of Architects to curate the Australian exhibition for the 11th International Architecture Exhibition at the Venice Biennale in September 2008. Held in the Australian Pavilion in the Giardini, the exhibition drew a huge audience including influential architects, industry specialists, and diverse audiences from around the world.

Frost* Design

Frost Design

Frost Design, The Frost Group, Vince Frost

Frost* Design (Sydney) is set to become the Frost* Group, having recently acquired award-winning digital shop The Nest. Recently named one of the “Top Ten Forces & Faces in Australian Design” by the respected national magazine Design Quarterly,

Sculpture by the Sea

Lot with a Little Award
Sculpture by the Sea, Frost* Design

Frost* Design created Wonderland as a site-specific typographical artwork for the 2009 Sculpture by the Sea outdoor exhibition, which annually attracts more than 500,000 visitors to Sydney’s Bondi Beach.

The whimsical installation featured 138 fluorescent orange letters that spelled out a verse from the introductory poem All in the Golden Afternoon from Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland:

Frost* Design


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