Vijay Mathews

Business of Design Summit 2015

Lauren Kelly and Vijay Mathews

The Next-Gen Design Practice: Lauren Kelly & Vijay Mathews

Lauren Kelly and Vijay Mathews are both 30-ish entrepreneurs. Both are designers with a geeky side. Both have found ways to innovate design processes with new digital tools. And both are riding the tidal wave of technology impacting design practice today. Join them at the SEGD Business of Design Summit Feb. 19 in Denver, where they'll be co-leading the session on Emerging Business Models & Platforms!

Vijay Mathews

Vijay Mathews is Principal of W&Co., the New York-based digital design and development studio whose work focuses on digital interaction with the built environment. W&Co. provides strategy, interface design, development, and innovation for mobile and web platforms for a wide range of clients.

Vijay Mathews, W&C
New York


Photo of homepage of AIGA conference website

W&Co. (New York) completed the design and development of the 2013 national AIGA conference website. AIGA asked W&Co. to build a conference site that would bolster their message and build excitement for the October event.


Photo of Mercer County Park digital wayfinding app

W&Co. (New York) designed and developed a digital wayfinding app for Mercer County Park in New Jersey. The app was built to facilitate the park’s ever-changing programming and to offer visitors and residents access to a readily accessible tool that would help them understand and navigate the park.

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