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Shayla Hufana

Shayla is a curious designer with strong conceptual skills in brand, environmental/experiential, digital, UX/UI, and CX design in a wide range of industries including corporate, hospitality, luxury retail, food/bar, sports, aerospace, healthcare, and non-profits. She has 10+ years of professional design experience and has helped to create meaningful and successful solutions with a playful perspective to design. A few clients include Nordstrom, ATT, Google, Whole Foods, SSP America, Centerplate, and the Hawaii Wildlife Center.


Shayla Hufana

Kelly Franznick - Innovating For People

SEGD is an amazing community of designers, fabricators and manufacturers who create experiences that connect people to place. One of the many membership benefits of SEGD is a library of talks from SEGD's past events. All videos from 2014 through 2019 are available for viewing for members for free. 

If you are a member please log in (hint: top right below search) if not please join SEGD and experience its amazing resources. First year members receive a discount on the member rate!

Encouraging User Interaction through Signage Design

The new College of Design and Innovation at Tongji University in Shanghai forms a multi-functional complex for college students and teaching staff. Opened in 2014, it was designed as a platform for promoting opportunities for dialogue, fostering design thinking, and triggering interaction between users and the environment. As part of the building design, a new signage program was developed and prototypes were utilized to test and encourage interaction with the signage design process.

LinkNYC – a Step Toward Smart Cities?


Ever wonder what will happen to all those obsolete public pay-phone booths littering the urban streetscape? In New York, they’re being replaced by super-kiosks that are not only Wi-Fi hotspots, but platforms that will help people navigate the city, find services, and discover new destinations. It’s a model you may see popping up in a city near you, and a step toward the idea of connected Smart Cities.


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