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Webinar 2015 | Budgeting 101
2015 Webinar | Budgeting 101


Presented March 29, 2015

Official Signs & Symbols 3—Signing Bicycle Facilities
Official Signs & Icons 3—Signing Bicycle Facilities

In 2017, symbol guru Mies Hora published the third edition of his compendium of signs, symbols and commentary, "Official Signs & Icons 3." Among the many varied and useful resources in the book, there is a new section entitled "Signing Bicycle Facilities."

Heatherwick's Copper 'Vessel' Tops Out at New York's Hudson Yards

Heatherwick Studio’s glimmering staircase monument, ‘Vessel,’ has topped out after eight months of construction at New York City’s Hudson Yards development.

A Q&A With The Smart Cities CMO

After speaking with Boissy and getting a taste for the passion he has for his job, I'm thinking of referring to him as "The CMO of Smart Cities."

Arrowstreet's 360-Degree View of Boston Projects
Arrowstreet's 360-Degree View of Boston Projects

At the center of Congress Square, Arrowstreet is revitalizing Quaker Lane into an active and vibrant pedestrian walkway with engaging ground level retail, outdoor seating and dining options.

Sign Up Now for ‘Hack the City’ Wayfinding Challenge

A ‘Hack the City’ wayfinding hackathon on Saturday 25 November is challenging people to travel across Cambridge by walking, cycling or using public transport, then come up with creative ways to improve navigation around the city, which could involve using the latest data and technology.


New Harvey Milk Memorial in San Francisco's Castro

The work of late gay rights activist and politician Harvey Milk will be celebrated in San Francisco's famous Castro District with a large set of ramping steps, designed by US architecture firm Perkins Eastman.

Intersection Announces Expansion of Link Network to Philadelphia

Intersection, the leading smart cities technology and media company, today announced that Philadelphia is the latest city to join the fast-growing Link network.

Speaking of Home Installation
Nancy Ann Coyne Reveals Public Installation "Speaking of Home"

On September 27, 2017, international public artist, designer and social innovator Nancy Ann Coyne debuted "Speaking of Home," a photographic public artwork transforming four of St. Paul’s famous skyways into an episodic narrative of immigrant experiences––questioning assumptions about what comprises “home.” The project marks the first time that the St. Paul skyway system will be sanctioned for a public artwork and was made possible by the close collaboration between the artist and fabricator, Archetype.

3-D Zebra Pedestrian Crossing Helps Slow Down Cars

It’s currently being trialed in Ísafjörður, Iceland, and looks brilliant.

New York City’s Proposal for the Missing Green-Link in Midtown

The city of New York is connecting all 32-miles of coastline with public amenities, piece by piece. 

Google Urbanism Plans Data Extraction from Smart Cities

Cities already have tolls and charges for a lot of services (parking and roads, licenses) in a city but Google is far more efficient at generating money from targeting ads and mobile ads.

NYCx Effort Will Be New York’s Next Pipeline for Smart City Innovation

Mayor Bill de Blasio has pulled back the curtain on NYCx, a civic tech initiative that will test smart city solutions through startup collaboration.

The Crosswalk Of The Future Moves And Changes To Prioritize Pedestrians

The Starling Crossing is designed to reshape streets by responding in real time to pedestrian movements.

The End Of The High Line Era

Several high-profile, billionaire-backed public spaces are on the outs.

City Seeks Input on New Wayfinding System

The City of Thunder Bay is inviting citizens to help plan and design new wayfinding street signs and maps for walkers and cyclists.


Atlanta's Zoning Signs Reworked

Brand identity firm Matchstic has worked with Atlanta's Department of City Planning to redesign its branding and create new zoning signs around the city.

Idaho Falls Signage (image courtesy of City of Idaho Falls)
Idaho Falls City Wayfinding Well Underway

The city of Idaho Falls’ wayfinding project started in 2013 with an idea for better signs at the Idaho Falls Zoo. Since then, the program has expanded to include monuments, a network of signs near key trails and roadways as well as a thorough city rebranding.

Snøhetta Perforates Colorful Panels for Vestre Exhibition in Norway

The installation celebrates the 70th anniversary of Vestre, a Norwegian family-driven furniture manufacturer known for its colorful, high-quality and long-lasting designs.

E-ZPass Could Kickstart Smart Cities

Now researchers at MIT have designed a smart city system that leverages the windshield tags used to smooth drivers’ passage onto toll roads and bridges. 

German Street Artist 1010 Creates Cave-Like Illusions in Unexpected Places

For more than a decade, 1010 has been painting colorful cave-like illusions that make flat surfaces appear as if they have been breached by holes go on forever. 

These Gentler Speed Bumps Rely On An Optical Illusion To Keep The Roads Safe

A clever new traffic implementation in Britain has many hopeful that neighborhood streets will be able to to get all the benefits of speed bumps without the jarring disruptions they create.

Cloud Gehshan Spring Garden
Cloud Gehshan Helps Illuminate Spring Garden Connector

A busy transit hub entrance in an underpass on Spring Garden Street in Philadelphia receives a dramatic and illuminating makeover courtesy of NV5, Cloud Gehshan and The Lighting Practice.

CityTree Placemaking and Pollution Reduction

Developed in Germany, the CityTree is a mobile structure that incorporates mosses and urban furniture to create a possible solution to the polluted air of urban centers.

30 Urban Linear Parks Projects Since 2000
30 Urban Linear Parks Projects Since 2000

Look no further than Paris' Promenade plantée, which was completed in 1993, to see where the trend of converting obsolete railways into beautiful urban green spaces originated. The real urban renewal linear park boom, however, happened in this century.


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