University of Pennsylvania

Kaijie Chen

Kaijie Chen graduated from Philadelphia University with a master’s degree in Surface Imaging Design and also hold bachelor’s degree in Textile Design & Engineering. She chose to explore the interdisciplinary field of surface design which combines visual design, material exploration and engineering technology to offer cutting edge solutions.

Kaijie Chen, Philadelphia University
Thomas Jefferson University

Blossom Interactive

Finalist 2017
Blossom Interactive

Blossom Interactive is an interactive sculpture connected to social media to raise awareness for hunger issues in Philadelphia. Working with the University of Pennsylvania's non-profit community engagement program, the team installed the six-foot tall flower at Locust Walk and 37th St from September 14 to 28 during Hunger Action Month. Hunger is a community problem and requires a community-wide response. Thousands of people in cities such as Philadelphia deal with hunger each day, often suffering in silence.

Lynda Cloud-Weber

Lynda Cloud-Weber is an environmental graphic designer for the University Architect at the University of Pennsylvania. Lynda Cloud-Weber has extensive experience in three-dimensional graphic communication: design and documentation of sign programs for hospitals, airports, retail spaces, hotels and educational institutions. Lynda is capable of producing architectural drawings, models and sign specifications.

Headshot of Lynda Cloud-Weber, Temple University
Temple University Tyler School of Art
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