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Cydnie Gray

Cydnie Gray is a student the University of Idaho, pursuing a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Experiential Graphic Design.

Some of her academic accomplishments include receiving the Robert J. Harder Memorials scholarship and a UI College of Art and Architecture leadership award. Cydnie Gray has previously served as treasurer for the University of Idaho SEGD student chapter, and currently is the SEGD student chapter President.

Cydnie Gray
University of Idaho

Cody Muir

Cody Muir is currently attending the University of Idaho, and enrolled in the Graphic Design Program under the Art and Design banner of the College of Art and Architecture. He is also the marketing coordinator / graphic designer for the University of Idaho Sustainability Center.

Cody Muir received the James H. Marshall Art Scholarship, serves as an University of Idaho College of Art and Architecture ambassador, and is a member of University of Idaho SEGD Club.

Cody Muir, University of Idaho
Moscow, ID

The Interplay between People and Art

Street art emerges from the tensions and issues that face communities. It simultaneously reflects and confronts the viewer with the explicit intent to incite thought and action. Street artists work in spite of, and often on top of, space that has been monetized as they seek to present a counter-narrative to the mass-produced homogeneous corporate culture that has come to pervade many urban cityscapes.

Rachel Esteffe

Rachel (Fujita) Esteffe is a LA based graphic designer, photographer and educator specializing in Experiential Design. She has been blending varying forms of storytelling, design strategies, interactive technologies, UI and UX methodologies for over a decade. Rachel holds a MFA in Computer Art (Motion + Interaction) from SVA and a BA in Visual Arts (Film, video, photography) from Fordham University. She also served as Creative Director of her former collaborative design studios, hyaline and FM Collaborative.

Art Center College of Design
Los Angeles, California

Full Immersion: Beyond the Page + Screen

New Media
University of Idaho College of Art & Architecture

This paper examines the potential for integrating Experiential Graphic Design (XGD) within the context of a traditional graphic design/visual communication curriculum. This shift will better prepare students to work in a constantly evolving, competitive, and expanding field of design. Through documented student projects, we explored the development of XGD strategies and methodologies through the blending of traditional graphic design foundations, interactive, and time-based media that transform a user experience beyond the page and screen. The success of this type of new curriculum model is made possible by the co-location of art, design, new media, and architecture in an interdisciplinary college.

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