Umut Gonen

Umut Gonen is a Partner in MIXEDMEDIA in Istanbul, Turkey

Umut Gonen founded MIXEDMEDIA in 2006. Before founding MIXEDMEDIA Umut Gonen was a professor at Marmara University.

Umut Gonen earned his masters degree in sculpture at the Marmara University.

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Umut Gonen is a Partner in MIXEDMEDIA in Istanbul, Turkey
Istanbul, Turkey

Archive Dreaming

Honor Award 2018
Best of Show Award 2018
Archive Dreaming

What are the urgent conditions, responsibilities, meanings and future-directed objectives for a cultural institution functioning in the future? By attempting to consider these concerns along with questions of efficiency, ecology and sustainability, SALT’s 2017 program provisionally titled "What If…?" was to be composed of a series of changes to internal working practices, accompanied by five artistic interventions/architectural gestures that reconsider and reinvigorate the spaces, the ambitions, and the constituent relations of SALT Galata.

Fake Art Museum

Merit Award
Fake Art Museum, Andalou University, Turkey, Ceyda Artun and Dilek Erdogan

As part of their environmental graphic design course in Andalou University’s Graphic Design Masters Program, Ceyda Artun and Dilek Erdogan were challenged to transform the school’s Fine Arts Faculty Canteen into “something more inspirational, interactive, and educational.”

GRA521 Environmental Graphic Design course, Anadolu University, Institute of Fine Arts, Graphic Design Masters Program
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