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Denny Substation

Finalist 2020
Denny Substation

Substations are critical to a city’s power supply, but they are often eyesores. The Denny Substation, which is the first Seattle substation to be built in 30 years, is positioned to usher in a new paradigm of urbanism by engaging its citizens with public infrastructure. Seattle City Light is set to be the nation’s greenest utility, fully integrated educational information intends to promote this as well as the facility’s commitment to environmental and social equity.

Boeing Company: Move to the Lake

Merit Award
Boeing Company: Move to the Lake, NBBJ Branding + Design

The project's success is a result of an integrated design effort. International-type icons are employed on the directional signage to designate building functions such as restrooms, conference rooms, and cafes. Color-coding is used in conjunction with the icons, which corresponds to walls painted the same color in each conference or service area. A naming system is developed for the conference rooms with the entire building plan keyed to a world map; city names are assigned to rooms based on their coordinates on the globe.

NBBJ Branding + Design
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