Denny Substation

Finalist 2020
Denny Substation

Substations are critical to a city’s power supply, but they are often eyesores. The Denny Substation, which is the first Seattle substation to be built in 30 years, is positioned to usher in a new paradigm of urbanism by engaging its citizens with public infrastructure. Seattle City Light is set to be the nation’s greenest utility, fully integrated educational information intends to promote this as well as the facility’s commitment to environmental and social equity.

Google Wayfinding

Honor Award 2017
Google Wayfinding

When Google’s Kirkland campus was set to dramatically expand, they needed a new wayfinding scheme for both Googlers and visitors. The desire was a design approach that was innovative in the way it reflects the company’s values and attitude.

Boeing Future Factory

Honor Award
Boeing Future Factory, The Boeing Company, NBBJ

The Boeing Company’s Everett, Wash., factory is home to the final assembly process for the Boeing 747, 767, 777, and 787 aircraft.  It is the largest building in the world by volume (472 million cubic feet) and has a roof area of 12 acres. More than 30,000 employees work at the bustling hub of massive tools and equipment, airplane parts, inventories, office blocks, restaurants, full-size aircraft, and semi trucks.

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