Susan Jackson Keig

Remembering Susan Jackson Keig, FAIGA, FSTA/ACD

“I feel that as designer, we are a rather privileged group. The world is our office—literally no confines to what we might do, especially in conjunction with architects, behavioral scientists, urban planners and the government.” —Susan Jackson Keig

Keig, an award-winning, prolific Graphic Designer and Art Director with 73 years of service to the profession and community, died last week just 10 days short of her 100th birthday.

Rolling Along (with Susan Jackson Keig)

By Sharon Jiskra Brooks

I was invited to speak recently at an SEGD Chicago chapter event.

The event took place early in the morning, on an upper floor of one of the many great towers right in the heart of downtown Chicago.

Though some might compare the eclectic backgrounds of this group to that of Chicago’s original “Breakfast Club,” this group comes together on their own terms to pass the time, schooling themselves on various trending topics impacting their careers.

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