Stanmore Public School

Frost* Design

Photo of Stanmore Public School identity

Frost* Design (Sydney) won three significant prizes in the inaugural Sydney Design Awards. In the graphic design and urban design categories, Frost was recognized for their work creating an annual magazine for outdoor media company EYE Corp; a signage, wayfinding, and environmental graphics project commissioned by Rio Tinto; and an information kiosk in Chinatown for the City of Sydney.

Frost* Design

Frost* Design (Sydney), working in conjunction with Neeson Murcutt Architects, designed new environmental graphics and signage for the Stanmore Public School library. They utilized a bright color palette, playful typography, and graphic elements to animate the spaces and provide hidden details.

Colorful identification signs and custom-printed recycled carpet tiles bring a sense of excitement to the library interior, while large-scale book quotes painted onto an external walkway animate the journey through the playground.

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