Kathleen Turner, Director of New Business, SEGD, Washington DC

Director of New Business

[email protected] | 202.638.5555

Kathleen is responsible for developing new business relationships for SEGD, supporting the funding and development of our webinars and e.g. magazine.

Headshot of Clive Roux, CEO of SEGD


[email protected] | 202.638.5555

Clive Roux, an industrial designer and former CEO of the Industrial Designers Society of America, was named SEGD's new CEO effective December 3, 2012. As CEO, Roux is responsible for running SEGD and collaborating with the SEGD Board of Directors to ensure the organization is producing the best value for the profession.

Headshot of Ann Makowski, COO of SEGD

[email protected] | 202.638.5555

As Chief Operating Officer, Ann serves as second in command to the CEO, providing day-to-day leadership. She acts for the CEO in his absence; works in partnership with the CEO on strategic management, administration, finance, and program decisions; and works with the SEGD Board of Directors.

Headshot of Jennette Foreman, SEGD Director of Events

Director of Events
[email protected] | 202.638.5555

Jennette manages elements of multiple SEGD programs, including the Global Design Awards, the SEGD Conference, SEGD NEXPO, membership, and educational events.

Kate Heller, Director of Content

Director of Content

[email protected] | 202.638.5555

Kate plans, curates, and edits the SEGD awards annual and develops content and communications for all aspects of the SEGD organization, including the weekly e-newsletter,, White Papers, event proceedings documents, press releases, and other publications. She is co-editor of the SEGD Blog.

Alexandra Bradley head shot

Marketing Manager

[email protected] | 202.638.5555

As Marketing Manager, Alexandra works with the CEO and other staff to market SEGD in terms of gaining consumer insights, understanding the profession’s needs and issues, and helping SEGD define more valuable solutions to those needs.

Kristin Bennani, SEGD

Director of New Business
[email protected] | 202.713.0413
As Director of New Business, Kristin works with the CEO and other staff to develop and grow sponsorship, advertising, banners, and booths for all programs throughout the year.

Nadia Adona, SEGD Member Services Associate, Washington DC

Member Services Associate, Webmaster

[email protected] | 202.638.5555

Nadia manages the membership assets of SEGD, the interactive and technology aspects of the SEGD offices, and functions as staff Chapter Chair Liaison.

Justin Molloy SEGD

Director of Education and Creative Director
[email protected] | 202.638.5555

Justin leads the education activities of SEGD, steering the content toward a more enriching experience for the members. He is responsible for the content of the SEGD Conference, Workshops, and Webinars.

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