Square Peg Design

Square Peg Design

Photograph of wayfinding for Overseas Union Enterprise

Square Peg Design (Oakland, Calif.) developed a comprehensive wayfinding and signing program for the Overseas Union Enterprise Bayfront project, a redevelopment of the former Overseas Union House in Singapore into an 18-story office block. The resulting signing and graphic design not only provides vital wayfinding information, but also adds a layer of branding and a sense of place.


Merit Award
Yahoo!, Square Peg

Yahoo! Headquarters Building Identification

Yahoo did not want to be seen as an adolescent dot.com, so the challenge was to develop a graphics program that captured the irreverent and non-institutional culture of Yahoo!

Square Peg

Dubai Mall Catwalk

Merit Award
Dubai Mall Catwalk, Emaar, Square Peg Design

The Dubai Mal is the new “world’s largest mall” in Dubai. The 12 million-sq.-ft. mall is located directly at the base of the Burj Dubai, which will be the world’s tallest tower when it opens in late 2009.

Fashion Avenue is the mall’s high-end fashion district and the atrium where it is located is a major intersection where fashion shows and multimedia events take center stage. The fashion catwalk literally rises out of the floor of the atrium.

Square Peg Design
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