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Germ City—Microbes and the Metropolis

Finalist 2020
Finalist 2019
Germ City: Microbes and the Metropolis

Germ City is the first segment of a multi-city initiative to “highlight the social and scientific interplay between people and pathogens” in the urban environment. The exhibition features over 100 scientific and historical artifacts, interactive stations, and commissioned artworks that tell the story of city-wide responses to infectious disease over the last 200 years.

A Beautiful Way to Go Exhibit

Merit 2014
A Beautiful Way to Go Exhibit

A Beautiful Way to Go: New York’s Green-Wood Cemetery commemorates the 175th anniversary of Green-Wood Cemetery in Brooklyn. Predating both Central Park and Prospect Park, the national historic landmark was one of the most important landscapes of the 19th Century, ultimately influencing the rise of public parks and green space in the U.S.

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