Signage and Wayfinding Design

Alper Yurtseven

Alper Yurtseven, SEGD, IDSA

Alper Yurtseven, SEGD, IDSA is a senior experiential graphic designer and project manager at Mayer/Reed in Portland, Oregon. His work is focused on signage and wayfinding design for PDX Next, a major renovation and expansion of the Portland International airport spanning multiple architectural teams and construction companies. With a background in industrial design, he brings to his work both a creative and technical understanding of form giving.   

Alper Yurtseven

Michael Glatting

Michael Glatting is a Senior Project Designer at D|G Studios, a multi-disciplined design firm that bring a combination of talent, imagination and practicality to every job. We create programs that engage and educate audiences while extending our clients’ brands and optimizing the visitor’s experience.

Michael Glatting, D|G Studios
D|G Studios
Washington D.C.

Udo Schliemann

Udo Schliemann brings over 30 years of expe­ri­ence to Entro, special­iz­ing in iden­tity devel­op­ment, environmental branding, and signage and wayfind­ing design. Udo’s unique approach to design prob­lems, fostered by the mentor­ship of renowned German artist Anton Stankowski, combines artis­tic and poetic sensi­bil­i­ties to create power­ful designs, which elevate the every­day expe­ri­ence. In Toronto, Udo is an actively involved member of the Design Exchange.

Udo Schliemann, Entro

Rich Tugade

Rich Tugade is a seasoned graphic designer with years of versatile experience ranging from corporate identities to entire branded environments. He has been involved in the ideation phases of brand strategy and conceptual design, as well as the later realization efforts for retail, entertainment, work place, and food service projects. Although the majority of his clients are domestic, he has extensive experience working on off-shore projects including China, the Middle East, and the Caribbean.

Rich Tugade

Earl Lee

Earl Lee brings more than 15 years of experience to the project team.  Earl’s understanding of the finite details of design and technology as relates to the built environment, how a brand plays out from its identity to signage and wayfinding add value to each and every collaborative team.  His strategic approach and utmost attention to detail have helped ensure that design solutions can be both innovative and cost effective.

Earl Lee, Moody Nolan
Moody Nolan

Michael Herbert

Michael Herbert is a creative director and graphic designer with BCRA responsible for design process review of all internally and externally focused multi-disciplinary projects. Senior Environmental Graphic Designer covering exhibit, interpretive, illustration, wayfinding, and branded environment projects.

Michael Herbert

Tricia Macmanus

Tricia Macmanus uses her nothing is impossible passion and creative genius to conjure and produce some of the most unique environments you have ever seen. Where you see a blank wall, she sees an opportunity to make a lasting impression. Through themed and branded environments she shapes the experiences that connect people to a place — from fun to sophisticated (and sometimes both), providing spaces with a strong “sense of self” by differentiating them from others.

Tricia Macmanus
TMac Design
San Antonio

Elise de Jong

Elise de Jong is a wayfinding consultant at Waysinging LLC. As an independent wayfinding strategist and information design consultant, she is a uniquely qualified specialist in developing wayfinding and information design solutions. She also understands how to lead a team to a common goal and is skilled in meeting client needs while abiding by government regulations.

Elise de Jong, Waysigning LLC
Waysigning LLC
New York

Steven Slipp

A specialist in Interpretive Design and Wayfinding Systems, Steven Slipp has over 30 years experience in the Atlantic region designing for public and private sector clients.

As Senior Designer he operates Steven Slipp Design in Wolfville, Nova Scotia. Prior to this Steven was a partner in Semaphor Design Co. Inc. in Halifax from 1995 to 2011. He was also president of GDA Inc., Halifax, where he was designer, art director, and general manager for 11 years.

Stephen Slipp
Steven Slipp Design
Halifax, Canada


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