Erica Daechsel

Erica’s background in Interior Design equips her with a strong background in materiality, design and construction, and a penchant for innovation! Erica’s focus is on developing and maintaining strong client relationships, which she accomplishes through clear communication, on-time project delivery, systematic value engineering, and a solution-oriented approach. 

Erica Daechsel
EurOptimum Display Inc.

Alper Yurtseven

Alper Yurtseven, SEGD, IDSA

Alper Yurtseven, SEGD, IDSA is a senior experiential graphic designer and project manager at Mayer/Reed in Portland, Oregon. His work is focused on signage and wayfinding design for PDX Next, a major renovation and expansion of the Portland International airport spanning multiple architectural teams and construction companies. With a background in industrial design, he brings to his work both a creative and technical understanding of form giving.   

Alper Yurtseven


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