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Shikatani Lacroix Expands
Shikatani Lacroix Expands North American Team

Branding and design agency Shikatani Lacroix is expanding its team and US presence with the addition of Ian Magrisso and Carlos Garza to its roster. “We are thrilled to welcome Ian and Carlos to our team,” said Jean-Pierre Lacroix, president of Shikatani Lacroix. “Their combined skills and experience will amplify our impact across North America.”

Boston Pizza by Shikatani Lacroix
Shikatani Lacroix Goes to Bat for Boston Pizza

The digital content is presented on an engaging Boston Pizza digital canvas layered throughout the environment that positions Boston Pizza as the ultimate provider of sports content for professional sports fans and local teams alike.

Shikatani Lecroix Logo
Disrupt or Be Disrupted Webinar

Disrupt or Be Disrupted: Strategies for a Successful Transformation

Webinar: The New Rules of Bank Transformation
February 1, 2017
12:00 pm - 12:30 pm ET

Marco Terenzio, Shikatani Lacroix
Marcos Terenzio

As Director of Digital Creative Experience at Shikatani Lacroix Design, Marcos Terenzio oversees the integration of digital creative solutions that converge technology, innovation, brand, and design experiences. His focus is helping brands innovate through multichannel solutions that meet business objectives and deliver results along the digital path to purchase.

zheshang by SLC
Shikatani Lacroix Rebrands China Zheshang Bank Branches

The new branch designs include several innovative technological upgrades such as a digital queuing system, internet-enabled tablets that customers can use while they wait, an electronic learning zone with a curved digital screen to answer questions and educate customers on CZ Bank’s wide range of services, and an innovative virtual reality zone where customers can experience a virtual banking concierge or relax in a beautiful park setting.

York Link logo
Shikatani Lacroix Rebrands York Link

The firm created a strategic rebrand of its economic development program York Link, formerly Centres and Corridors. Shikatani Lacroix developed a fully integrated marketing and communications strategy, which included a new logo, tagline and brand guidelines, designed to promote the region as the place “where talent and opportunity intersect.”

Shikatani Lacroix design for Adidas
Shikatani Lacroix Wins Two Elevate Awards

The branding and design agency won two awards at the ICX Association Elevate Awards for their work with adidas Golf and Cable & Wireless Communications’ telecoms brand FLOW.

Shikatani Lacroix Wins GOOD Award
Shikatani Lacroix Cineplex Wins GOOD Award

Shikatani Lacroix Design (Toronto) won a GOOD DESIGN award for its design of Cineplex Entertainment’s Cineplex VIP Cinemas.

Shikatani Lacroix Designs the Customer FLOW
Shikatani Lacroix Designs the Customer FLOW

Shikatani Lacroix (Toronto) worked with Cable & Wireless Communications to reinvent its consumer-facing retail brand FLOW.

Blue Jays store by Shikatani Lacroix
Shikatani Lacroix Project Wins ICX Award

Shikatani Lacroix’s digital retail design of the Toronto Blue Jays flagship retail store has received the 2015 ICX (Interactive Customer Experience Association) Excellence Award.

Shikatani Lacroix Drives adidas Golf Brand

Shikatani Lacroix (Toronto) partnered with Adidas Golf to create new in-store interactive digital experiences aimed at building brand equity and increasing sales.

Sheryl Keller Ziesmann, Shikatani Lacroix
Sheryl Keller Ziesmann

Design Director, Wayfinding

Come traffic or snow, hail or high water, Sheryl always gets her son’s hockey team to their games on schedule. Her unwavering resourcefulness, clear-sighted strategic thinking and keen sense of organization are also key assets in developing many large-scale, multifaceted projects.

Beverly Wells, Shikatani Lacroix
Beverley Wells

Director, Environments

Managing projects and organizing scheduling in the bustling environmental department could seem like mission impossible, but not for Beverley. A fervent film buff, she directs the progress of each retail project from conception through to implementation.

Kim Yokota, Shikatani Lacroix
Kim Yokota

Vice President, Design

Fuelled by creativity and curiosity, Kim Yokota observes the world through the end of a camera lens. Her discerning eye captures the extraordinary in the everyday, a talent she transfers into successful design solutions for her clients.

Richard Dirstein
Richard Dirstein

Executive VP Design & Innovation, Principal

A self-professed gadget guy, Richard Dirstein is never without the latest and greatest in handheld technology. His interest in innovation extends to his work where he drives the creative vision at Shikatani Lacroix, as well as overseeing the environmental and retail design department.

JP Lacroix
JP Lacroix

Jean-Pierre Lacroix champions the roles that design and branding play in building connections with consumers.

Second Cup Rolls Out in U.S.

Shikatani Lacroix has been working with Canadian coffee company Second Cup International on its international expansion since 2007, and is now rolling out new stores in Florida.

photograph of Downsview Park wayfinding system
Shikatani Lacroix

Shikatani Lacroix (Toronto) announced that its wayfinding project for Downsview Park was selected as a finalist in the Environmental category for the Design Edge Canada Regional Design Awards. The "Reggies" award the best of Canadian graphic design by region.

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