SEGD Past Board Member

Lew Fifield

Graphic Design faculty member Lew Fifield has diverse educational and professional design experience, specializing in information design and publishing projects ranging from Corporate Identity Systems to Museum and Urban Design Exhibits. Academic activities include full- time teaching positions and research in Information Management and Visual Communication.

Bob Lowe

Bob Lowe created Arrowstreet Graphic Design (AGD) to bring Arrowstreet's award winning in-house graphic design to a larger commercial, academic and institutional market, As AGD's director, he seeks challenging projects in print, web and environmental graphics. Bob's particular expertise lies in the conceptual and graphic design aspects of large and small scale mixed-use retail and other commercial projects. His projects include top to bottom graphic and interior design for major food stores, retail centers, entertainment complexes, and cruise ships in the US and abroad. He holds a B.A.

Daniel Montano

Daniel wears many hats – dad, soccer coach, designer, strategist and mentor. When not tinkering in his garden, he is reading the latest futurist book and glued to the science channel. Daniel, who has been seen speaking at retail conferences in Spanish, English…and at times Spanglish, is in search of a unified experience formula to resolve the challenges presented by today’s accelerated rate of change.

BJ Krivanek

BJ Krivanek embraces the multiple roles of designer, art educator, and public artist. He was principal of BJ Krivanek Art+Design, with a clientele ranging from the Union Rescue Mission (Los Angeles) to The Irvine Company, a major developer in California. His design work has been published/ written about in numerous design publications, including a feature article about his work in Graphis 310 (Zurich/ New York).

Kyle Reath

Kyle's career has been a progression of experiences that have led to his role as a recognized authority within the Environmental Graphic Design profession. His architectural and engineering education, early involvement in fabrication and implementation, roles in design and project management, and his most recent positions directing the environmental graphics division of a global professional services corporation, have provided broad insight and expertise.

Mary Grems

As a FMG Design founding principal, Mary R. Grems has based her strong design direction on her schooling and influences in interior architecture, industrial design and graphic design.

Fred Dust

As a Partner at IDEO, Fred Dust works with leaders and change agents to unlock the potential of innovation networks in business, government, and society.

Chandler Screven

Past Board Member
Dr. Chandler Screven (“Chan” to his many friends and colleagues) has been a major contributor to the field of visitor studies for over 40 years. Throughout this period he has maintained an adherence to the principles of experimental study design, letting empirically derived data show how and why visitors behave the way they do in informal learning environments.

Noel Mayo

Noel Mayo received a BSID degree from the Philadelphia College of Art (now the University of the Arts), where he later taught and served as chairperson of the Industrial Design Department. During his tenure, the department grew from ninth to the third largest department in the college.

In 1989, Noel Mayo was named the Ohio Eminent Scholar in Art and Design Technology at The Ohio State University, a program designed to attract nationally and internationally known scholars to further strengthen outstanding academic programs that deal with compelling statewide issues.

Paul Prejza

Providing strategic planning and technical knowledge, Paul expands Sussman/Prejza’s noted graphics capabilities with his architectural and urban planning expertise.  

Paul's extensive experience in analysis and planning of system-wide wayfinding and graphics programs have been instrumental in the success of urban and waterfront renewal projects including Culver City, Long Beach, Philadelphia, and Santa Monica. Recently, he guided the development of new signing ordinances for the Hollywood Entertainment District which have refashioned the area's urban landscape.

B. Steve Neumann

B. Steve Neumann is Founder and Principal of The Design Office of Steve Neumann and Friends. Educated in communication design and photographic illustration at the Rochester Institute of Technology, Steve Neumann's professional experience reflects the responsibilities as senior director for the Kelvin Group, Inc. Houston’s leading pure design studio. Then, with six of his associates, SN&F was formed in 1973. He is a founding member of the SEGD, and has contributed much to the advancement of wayfinding development thru education and mentoring.

Jan Lorenc, Principal Lorenc + Yoo, Atlanta, Georgia

2017 SEGD Fellow

Jan Lorenc leads a multidisciplinary team of architects, graphic designers, sculptors and industrial designers at Lorenc+Yoo Design, the firm that he founded in 1978. He has been honored internationally by numerous design publications and organizations, and was named one of the “Twenty-Five Monuments to Environmental Graphics” by the Society of Experiential Graphic Design.

Mitchell Mauk

Mitchell Mauk is Principal of Mauk Design, a San Francisco design firm that specializes in exhibit design and corporate communications, and puts special emphasis on the marketing integration of two- and three-dimensional images. Mitchell Mauk has won multiple gold and silver awards from the IDSA, SEGD and other competitions, and was named Exhibit Designer of the Year by Exhibitor Magazine in 1987. Mauk was the first American designer to have a light design manufactured by the prestigious Italian lighting firm Artemide.

JP Lacroix

Jean-Pierre Lacroix champions the roles that design and branding play in building connections with consumers.

Tali Krakowsky, founder of Apologue

Tali Krakowsky is a design partner in the New York office of branding and strategy consultancy Prophet.

Steve Izenour

Steven Izenour (1940-2001) was an American architect, urbanist, and theorist. He is best known as co-author, with Robert Venturi and Denise Scott Brown of Learning from Las Vegas, one of the most influential architectural theory books of the twentieth century. He was also principal in the Philadelphia firm Venturi, Scott Brown & Associates.

Michael Gericke

Michael Gericke studied graphic design at the University of Wisconsin. Prior to joining Pentagram in 1986, he worked for Communication Arts in Boulder, Colorado, where he produced many projects combining graphics with three-dimensional design.

HEadshot of Kelly Kolar, Principle and Founder of Kolar Design

2017 SEGD Distinguished Member, Past Board member of SEGD (2004-2011), President of Kolar Design

Kelly Kolar is president, founder and chief creative officer at Kolar Design. Founding Kolar Design in 1990, Kelly Kolar set herself apart as a creative talent, using her love of design and understanding of the human element to transform built environments. The firm creates impactful, branded experience at the intersection of people and place. 

Headshot of Jamie Cowgill, Principal of JRC Design

Grounded in an interdisciplinary approach, Jamie Cowgill creatively integrates functional graphic solutions into projects that create places. Jamie Cowgill leads all design projects with a vigor that is evident in the firm, celebrating more than 24 years with a wide range of clients including: local, regional and national authorities, health care facilities, universities, corporations, mixed-use and retail centers, master-planned communities.

Paul Mijksenaar

We help people to find their way, sometimes by signs.

We help people to find their way. Of course we still advise to put up signs when applicable. But more and more we change our focus to architectural and spatial planning. The more signs you see, the worse the architecture. We don't 'show' the way people have to go but encourage natural wayfinding.

Teresa Cox, APCO Signs

2015 SEGD Distinguished Member, Teresa Cox was a board member of SEGD from 2010 - 2012.

Responsible for US sales of interior and exterior sign systems, directories, displays and related products at APCO Graphics (previously APCO Sign Systems). Teresa has been with APCO Graphics since 1982 and in her role as President, she leads a team of 21 salespeople, located throughout the US.

Teresa Cox studied at the University of California, Santa Cruz.

Nora Olgyay, Associate Professor

1992 Angel Award honoree

The primary focus of my work is graphic information design which fosters physical and cognitive accessibility within our environments, both built and social.

Ed Matthews

2001 Gold Arrow Award honoree and 1993 Angel Award honoree

For almost 30 years, Matthews Paint has been an important partner to SEGD—as a collaborator helping design teams achieve their visions through color and as an industry leader supporting SEGD’s educational initiatives.

Hanley Bloom

1990 Angel Award honoree

Hanley Bloom, the co-founder of ASI Sign Systems (with his twin-brother Stanley) died March 15 at age 75. Most recently the VP of sales for Neiman & Co., Hanley was the inaugural recipient of the Society for Environmental Graphics Design’s (SEGD) Angel Award. He also served as the principal author of A Guide to Building Signage in California, which was written to guide environmental-graphic designers through complex sign codes.

Alan Jacobson

2005 Distinguished Member Award honoree. As Founder and President of the experience and design strategy firm ex;it and the brand and communications firm J2 Design Partnership, Alan has provided innovative leadership to helping organizations of diverse disciplines define their experience vision and craft design strategies for growth.


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