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Epitomizes the highest standards of practice in the field. 

For promoting the highest values in environmental/experiential design and significantly contributing to the direction and growth of their field. 

SEGD Fellows are the laureates of environmental/experiential design, recognized for creating a body of work and design leadership that epitomizes the highest standards of practice in their field. 

Distinguished Member Award

Distinguished Member Award

For demonstrating outstanding volunteer efforts contributing to the direction, growth, and excellence of SEGD programs and communities.

Entries are encouraged to recognize members who have demonstrated: inspiring new audience engagement, extending awareness of the field of experiential design, cultivating design communities, and clearing obstacles to facilitate the advancement of practitioners, ideas and practice areas.

List of Distinguished Members


Insight Award

For visionary clients who demonstrate the impact of experiential design by commissioning projects and initiatives that significantly enhance or promote opportunities for the field and practitioners.

Entries are encouraged to recognize visionary clients behind impactful projects and rewarding partnerships, namely, experiential and environmental graphic design, interaction design, exhibition design, creative technology, installation and public good projects, etc.

List of Insight Honorees



NEXPO Awards

Best Booth

2022 ApolloLuxe

2021 Gable

2019 Graphtec

2018 Kalisign

2017 PAM

2016 Moss

2015 E Ink

2014 Bitro Group

2013 LuciteLux

2011 Systeme Huntingdon

2010 Sunrise Systems

2009 Neiman & Company

2008 GraphTec

2007 Barco

2006 Applied Image, Inc.

2005 Folia Industries, Inc.

2005 Visual Graphic Systems (Honorable Mention)

2004 Barco Media

2003 Visual Graphic Systems

2002 ASI Modulex

2001 Cesar Color

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