Kevi Louis-Johnson

When Kevi Louis-Johnson sees something that is well designed, she knows it's asking to be animated. She has learned that there is never a single solution to a design challenge through her experience at such companies as Microsoft Office Labs, Stardust, Superfad, MTV/MTV2 and the Travel Channel.

Kevi Loius-Johnson, Creative Director, Hornall Anderson, Seattle
Sid Lee
Seattle, WA

Rich Tugade

Rich Tugade is a seasoned graphic designer with years of versatile experience ranging from corporate identities to entire branded environments. He has been involved in the ideation phases of brand strategy and conceptual design, as well as the later realization efforts for retail, entertainment, work place, and food service projects. Although the majority of his clients are domestic, he has extensive experience working on off-shore projects including China, the Middle East, and the Caribbean.

Rich Tugade

Michael Herbert

Michael Herbert is a creative director and graphic designer with BCRA responsible for design process review of all internally and externally focused multi-disciplinary projects. Senior Environmental Graphic Designer covering exhibit, interpretive, illustration, wayfinding, and branded environment projects.

Michael Herbert

Michael Courtney Design

Michael Courtney Design (MCD) is a Seattle-based design and brand alignment firm developing experiential graphics, identities, print and digital solutions.

Michael Courtney Design clients range from Fortune 100 companies to emerging businesses and represent a wide spectrum of categories: health care, business-to-consumer, real estate, professional services, hospitality, entertainment, retail, higher education and cultural, arts and civic institutions.

Paul Biniasz

Paul Biniasz is an associate creative director with the Seattle-based Arscentia, specializing in brand and experience strategy, branded environments and exhibit design, integrated communication design, and place making through branded stories.

He gained a strong appreciation for building brands and delivering brand experiences early in his career with several NYC agencies such as Saatchi & Saatchi, Lewis, Gace, Bozell and Landor. During that time, he won numerous Art Director and RX Awards including a Grand Global for Best Communication to the Healthcare Professional.

Paul Biniasz, Arscentia

PJ Wilcynski

PJ Wilcynski has been working with Boeing for 36 years, the last 16 of which he has been part of the Product Development team.  During that time, including 22 years in management, PJ Wilcynski has been actively engaged in all levels of passenger cabin design, from airplane level configuration development to feature strategy and detailed design efforts. Mr Wilcynski has supported or consulted on all models, including 10 years in the development of the 787.


Photo of PJ Wilcynski
Seattle, WA

Leonard Garfield

Leonard Garfield is Executive Director of Seattle's Museum of History & Industry, an award-winning history center with a collection of 4 million historic artifacts and a robust schedule of exhibits and programs related to the history of Seattle and the Pacific Northwest.


Leonard Garfield led MOHAI in the move to a new museum at Lake Union Park and a new Resource Center in Seattle's Georgetown neighborhood, both of which opened in 2012.

Photo of Leonard Garfield, Seattle MOHAI
Museum of History & Industry
Seattle, WA

Koryn Rolstad

The public art installations Koryn Rolstad have produced are interactive and site-specific with the intent to convey a community voice and iconic appeal. Combining the philosophies of art and design construction, Koryn uses strong forms, images and lighting to emphasize architecture and natural surroundings. Koryn Rolstad has a detailed history of installing works in public buildings, plazas and streetscapes.

Koryn Rolstad, Interprative Sculpture, Seattle
Koryn Rolstad Studio


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