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Terry Graboski

Terry Graboski is the CEO of Beck & Graboski Design Office.

Established in 1978, Beck & Graboski is a pioneer in the field of architectural signage design. Their graphics enrich and enliven the built environment with a blend of hard work, creativity and an understanding of our client's needs. No two of our projects look alike. Each incorporates, careful research, design and execution to esure a successful on-time and on-budget solution.

Terry Graboski, CEO Beck & Graboski Design Office
Terry Graboski Sketchbook
Beck & Graboski Design Office
Santa Monica, CA

Cayton Children’s Museum

Finalist 2020
Cayton Children’s Museum

With the blank canvas of a brand-new 21,000-square-foot home in Santa Monica Place retail center, the Cayton Children’s Museum had a unique opportunity to expand its offerings and engage new local and international audiences. Given the overall mission to teach community values and inspire a sense of inclusion and social responsibility through immersive and imaginative play, the design firm was challenged to help Sharewell conceive of the museum’s new branding, iconography, design palette, collateral (both digital and print) as well as the naming of multiple components of the museum.

Ideum Collaborates on "In Tune with Nature" with Cayton Children’s Museum

Ideum Collaborates on "In Tune with Nature" with Cayton Children’s Museum

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Ideum (Corrales, N.M.) recently collaborated with the Cayton Children’s Museum (Santa Monica, Calif.) to create "In Tune with Nature," a playful interactive room thoughtfully illustrated to immerse visitors in an animated mountain meadow scene. In the space, children play with butterflies, dragonflies, fireflies and other creatures as the scene moves through cycles of dawn, dusk, night and daylight again.

Terry Graboski's Sketchbook

Terry Graboski's Sketchbook

It started 30 years ago when I needed a Valentine’s Day card for my wife Constance. In the office, late at night, all I had was paper and an X-Acto knife. I started cutting out a flower design. After a while I decided to keep cutting and see how much paper I could remove from the sheet. The shapes I removed were as important as the solid areas I left.

Sony PlayStation E3 2001 Exhibit

Merit Award
Sony PlayStation E3 2001 Exhibit, Sony Computer Entertainment America, Mauk Design

This 38,000 square foot exhibit opened and ran for three days. For PlayStation, the objective is always to portray "new" – new games, new platforms, new adrenaline rush. The primary design concept for the 2001 E3 exhibit utilizes an umbrella environment of deconstructivist architecture composed of the faceted polygons used in CG environments. Other influences include origami and Japanese robots.

Mauk Design

Santa Monica Civic Center

Merit Award
Santa Monica Civic Center Parking Structure Signage, Forest City Residential West, Electroland, LLC

Santa Monica Civic Center Parking Structure Signage

The goal of Enteractive, an interactive installation located at 11th and Flower streets in downtown Los Angeles, was not only to enliven a public space and create a unique sense of place, but to create an experience that allows people to relate to architecture on a human scale.

Electroland, LLC
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