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Let's kick-off the holiday season with an evening of festivities kindly hosted at the studios of Martinelli Environmental Graphics. This evening will include networking, a shop tour and a product introduction by Arlon Graphics. Also, we'll be making holiday ornaments so you will get a chance to show off your vinyl weeding and squeegee skills!

Please RSVP early so we can plan for catering and materials.

Hope to see you there!


Join SEGD SF for a 90-minute private guided tour with access to “behind the scenes” areas including premium club lounges, press level, locker rooms, green roof and the Sony 49ers Museum. Following our tour we will mingle at chef Michael Mina’s Bourbon Pub.

EAMS Surpasses 100,000 Managed Signs

Recently, EAMS (Environmental Asset Management System) surpassed 100,000 surveyed and managed signs, spread across nearly 4,000 plans and over 20 million square feet, making it one of the most quickly growing surveying tools on the market. EAMS is an advanced, cloud-based application built specifically for the needs of the wayfinding industry. With this high-tech application, site surveyors and planners can easily register, label, and find existing signage, and ensure that each site plan is well-documented and fully complete.

Design Week Recap Images

Our SF SEGD chapter had the opportunity to participate in SF Design week again this year. We had a wonderful evening of networking, inspiration and discussion. Spinning off of the SF Design Week 2017 theme of “Question Everything”, we hosted a diverse three-person multi-disciplinary panel to discuss responsible design.


Diane Burk, Museum Designer/Art Director at the Exploratorium in San Francisco

Diane Burk is a Museum Designer/Art Director at the Exploratorium in San Francisco

Diane is a San Francisco based Art Director/Design Consultant with more than 30 years of museum related graphic design experience, primarily at the Exploratorium.

She has a user-centric design approach. Diane Burk's thinking is creative, critical, and flexible. As a team member Diane collaborates easily with scientists, artists, designers and content experts from any field. As an Art Director she focuses on inspiration, mentoring, critical thinking and collaboration within a designer group.

Mikaela Couch, Graphic Designer, Gensler, San Francisco

Mikaela Couch is a Graphic Designer with Gensler in their San Francisco office.

Mikaela Couch has been with Gensler in San Francisco for about 3 years. Before she joined Gensler she was Design with the Center for Teaching Excellence at the University of Oklahoma for 2 years.

Mikaela Couch completed her Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) with a concentration on Design and Visual Communications at the University of Oklahoma.

Connect with Mikaela Couch on LinkedIn.

Responsible Design can hold many meanings to different people across disciplines. Please join SEGD for an evening to explore responsible design through the lens of the built environment. Our 3-part panel discussion will feature speakers from different design disciplines, including – Graphic Design, Experiential Design, and Urban Design. 


We hope that you can join us for an evening of inspirational presentations and engaging discussion as we explore responsible design at various scales within the built environment.

IA Interior Architects' Game Changer—LinkedIn San Francisco

IA Interior Architects brought fun (and games!) to LinkedIn’s new 440,000-square-foot San Francisco office, designing placemaking installations that bring employees together to work, collaborate and play.

Lauren Hart

Lauren Hart is an art director and graphic designer in San Francisco. Her passion for environmental and experiential design took root on the beaches of Cannes, when she spotted the custom tent erected for the Da Vinci Code. As she sat in the hot sun wondering how this enormous black vinyl pyramid received enough ventilation to house a premiere party, she vowed to one day create brand experiences that were both entertaining and functional.

SEGD is an amazing community of designers, fabricators and manufacturers who create experiences that connect people to place. One of the many membership benefits of SEGD is a library of talks from SEGD's 4-6 events a year. Starting from 2014, these videos are available for viewing for members for free. If you are a member please log in (hint: top right below search) if not please join SEGD and experience its amazing resources.


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