Sam Stubblefield

Denny Substation

Finalist 2020
Denny Substation

Substations are critical to a city’s power supply, but they are often eyesores. The Denny Substation, which is the first Seattle substation to be built in 30 years, is positioned to usher in a new paradigm of urbanism by engaging its citizens with public infrastructure. Seattle City Light is set to be the nation’s greenest utility, fully integrated educational information intends to promote this as well as the facility’s commitment to environmental and social equity.

Living Computers: Museum + Labs

Finalist 2018
Living Computers: Museum + Labs

Living Computers: Museum + Labs, established by Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen, not only preserves and displays working vintage computers, it also aims to make technology fun and accessible to the public. With its 2016-2017 renovation and expansion, the museum wanted to reach a wider audience to round out STEM education and encourage kids—especially girls—to pursue careers in technology.

SEGD's Best Content of 2016

Best Content of 2016 Graphic

2016 was a busy year for our members and followers, so you probably haven’t read or watched each and every one of the over 1,000 pieces of new content posted on over the last 12 months. Lucky for you, we’ve compiled a top 20 list from all the articles, videos and content the website has to offer. Consider it your SEGD 2016 executive summary. Sit back, relax and enjoy!

Sam Stubblefield - Shaping Public Space

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