International Airport "Gagarin" Art Exposition

Honor Award 2020
International Airport "Gagarin" Art Exposition

Gagarin International Airport in Saratov, Russia was built from scratch in an open field and put into operation in September 2019 featuring а permanent interactive exhibition.The client initiated the project to provide a superb passenger experience: amusing, educating and entertaining passengers while they’re waiting for flights. Seven installations trigger all senses and create truly immersive experience—any visitor becomes an explorer prepared to take a flight just like Gagarin did.

Lorem Ipsum Corp. Revives the Past at Platov International Airport

Lorem Ipsum Corp. at Platov International Airport

Read Time: 7.5 minutes

From the archives, circa 2018—a 2019 Merit Award winning project: Through the creative use of technology, multidisciplinary agency Lorem Ipsum Corp. (New York) captured the spirit of the Don Cossacks and Count Matvei Ivanovich Platov in a host of interactive and experiential installations at the new airport in Rostov-On-Don, Russia.

The Seven Worlds of Vladimir Vysotsky

Honor Award 2019
The Seven Worlds of Vladimir Vysotsky

"Hallways: Seven Worlds of Vladimir Vysotsky" at The Jewish Museum and Tolerance Center in Moscow is an immersive multimedia exhibition dedicated to the work of Vladimir Vysotsky, a 20th-century Russian poet, songwriter and actor, who is a revered cultural icon in Russia and beyond. Visitors enter the world of his songs, brought to life through a series of recreated environments that reoccur in his work.


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