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A Week Seen Through My Lens

A Week Seen Through My Lens, Lucy Holmes' Blog

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Each week is not planned nor defined. I observe and then design…

A visual blog by Lucy Holmes

A current preoccupation is colour (or color in US English). I don’t know the percentage, but I have worked with many graphic designers who are colour blind. It has made for some lively discussions and decision making over the years.

Pentagram - Menil Collection

Photo of packaging and graphics for the Menil Collection DVDs

Pentagram (New York) designed DVD packaging and graphics for a series of newly restored documentary films about works and artists in the Menil Collection, the art museum in Houston. Designed by Eddie Opara and team, the series includes the films The Rothko Chapel (1972) and Max Ernst Hanging (1973), directed or co-directed by Francois de Menil, son of the museum’s founders, Dominique and John de Menil.

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