Rio Tinto

Frost* Design

Photo of Stanmore Public School identity

Frost* Design (Sydney) won three significant prizes in the inaugural Sydney Design Awards. In the graphic design and urban design categories, Frost was recognized for their work creating an annual magazine for outdoor media company EYE Corp; a signage, wayfinding, and environmental graphics project commissioned by Rio Tinto; and an information kiosk in Chinatown for the City of Sydney.

Frost* Design

photograph of EGD at Rio Tinto in Brisbane

Frost* Design (Sydney) recently completed an environmental graphics program for the Brisbane regional office of the Rio Tinto mining company. In support of an “Earth and Sky” interior concept by Geyer, the interior designers on the project, Frost created elements such as stencil-cut fonts, raw materials, and super-scaled photography. Contoured paneling creates a sense of topography in the lift core, while lithological patterns (geological map codes for rocks) bring otherwise functional surfaces to life.

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