Richard Poulin

Richard Poulin

2005 SEGD Fellow

Richard Poulin is a Principal of Poulin + Morris Inc., an award-winning, multidisciplinary design consultancy, where he has created visual communications programs for an extensive range of clients.

Headshot of Richard Poulin, Poulin & Morris
Poulin + Morris
New York City

Richard Poulin Speaks about Rudolph de Harak

Richard Poulin Speaks about  Rudolph de Harak

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SEGD Fellow, Richard Poulin, is a designer, professor, author and artist. His latest project is a monograph about the life and work of designer Rudolph de Harak (1924–2002), Poulin’s one-time mentor and an unsung hero of mid-century modern design. Titled Rational Simplicity: Rudolph de Harak, Graphic Designer, the upcoming book celebrates and showcases de Harak’s many and varied projects, including his design of “record sleeves, magazine covers, exhibitions, building facades, posters, furniture, corporate identities, pictograms, and even the famous shopping bags for the Metropolitan Museum of Art.”

Richard Poulin - Archigraphia Redux: Championing Global Design Excellence

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What You Missed at the Wayfinding Event of the Year

What you missed at 2017 SEGD Wayfinding

What an amazing Wayfinding event we had last week in Boston. Featuring sold-out tours, an all-star line-up of presenters and numerous opportunities for wayfinding professionals from around the world to connect with each other, this was the largest Wayfinding event in SEGD history! If you were there, you know how great it was. But if you couldn't make it, here's what you missed out on.

Championing Global Design Excellence with Richard Poulin, FSEGD

Building a Global Design Community with Richard Poulin

In homage to Walter Herdeg's Archigraphia, Richard Poulin, FSEGD, has written Archigraphia Redux—a new international survey of architectural, environmental and experiential graphic design in the 21st century. Here, Richard discusses what the original book meant to him, what he hopes to accomplish with Archigraphia Redux and how he’ll tie it all together in his 2017 SEGD Wayfinding keynote presentation.


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