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From Models to Install

From Models to Install

Our impetus for EGD in the classroom is the alchemy of bringing together projects with social purpose, meaningful narrative, and collaboration. But the focus of From Models to Install is to present a specific course of action that relies on the use of systems: grid and hierarchical structures borrowed from typographic layouts for the exhibition models and fabrication frameworks for the installations.

From Models to Install: The Models

Speculative Design + Research Paper // Michele Washington, Exhibition and Experience Design

This paper proposes a transformative framework for how Speculative Design—and more specifically, research methods—can be used as a model for student engagement and to enhance learning outcomes. The goal is for my students to become better critical thinkers and be more experimental with strategically tackling innovative, socially relevant design solutions. By prompting design students to shift more towards imaginative thinking to begin exploring new frameworks and new methods for design research processes.


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