Finalist 2019

Inspired by the strong physical presence of natural elements as well as the less visible but equally ubiquitous presence of technology and innovation in Redmond, Buoyant responds to and acknowledges the unique context of the city as a place between nature and technology.

Buoyant provides a strong cultural anchor to the park by simultaneously acting as a pavilion, an illuminated water feature, and a platform for performance and digital projection that ensures both the work and the park’s engagement, activation and ongoing transformation for future years to come.

Seeing the Better City

Seeing the Better City (image: book cover)

Read Time: 9.5 minutes

While big data, digital mapping and simulated cityscapes are valuable tools, using them without on-the-ground personal observation risks creating places that do not reflect authentic local context—the key to the method addressed in "Seeing the Better City" by Charles R. Wolfe.

Microsoft Museum

Honor Award
Microsoft Museum, Girvin

The Microsoft Museum presented Girvin with the opportunity to affect all facets of the design process, from the upfront strategy and content organization, through space planning and environmental design, to interactive and video development. The result is a cohesive and seamless environment that aids in understanding the Microsoft brand message. The space is organized into four zones, each detailing a different segment of Microsoft's business, from consumer products to office software to learning tools to corporate history.

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