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Craig Martin

Craig Martin is the President of Reality Interactive and a veteran of the kiosk/Interactive Merchandising marketplace with over 15 years experience working with both Retailers and Brand marketers across the country. In 1996 Craig was a founder of Interactive Sales Systems and completed his first major interactive project, Wal-Marts camcorder merchandising station later that year.

Craig Martin, Reality Interactive
Reality Interactive
Middletown, CT

Bryson Hyte

Bryson Hyte is a partner at Reality Interactive.

A veteran software architect and skilled developer with special emphasis on video technology and remote management systems Bryson Hyte has done work for a variety of Fortune 500 clients such as Target Stores, Fleet Bank, Borders Books and Records, Pitney-Bowes and others.

Photo of Bryson Hyte
Reality Interactive
Middletown, CT

Reality Interactive

Your digital partner in creating better retail and event experiences. Reality Interactive is a multi-award winning, full service digital specialist. We are experts in creating innovative retail and event experiences using kiosks, digital signage and a full suite of interactive and creative technologies.

2017 Podcast | From Design Thinking to Design Doing


with Doug Hampton-Dowson
Creative Director
Reality Interactive

Great ideas don't happen by accident. Design thinking is a process guaranteed to provide useful ideas and innovative concepts.

  • Understand the 3 MIT steps of Design Thinking
  • Learn guidelines to help you stay true to the process 
  • Hear how we used design thinking to transform the banking industry


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Staying Ahead of the Innovation Curve with Carlo Bailey

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Experiences in the Era of Disruption: 2017 SEGD Xlab Coming to NYC, Nov. 2–3

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NEW YORK—SEGD’s Xlab returns this November to New York as the final event of New York Digital Signage Week.This year’s theme, “Experience Design in the Era of Disruption,” will showcase how disruption in all businesses and industry verticals is impacting experiential graphic design and the way people are using and interacting with places and spaces.


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